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Charlotte County Florida Concierge Repair Services

One of the worst things for a car is for it to sit sedentary un-maintained for long periods of time. A large population of our Charlotte County community are part time residents who have to leave their vehicles sedentary while they travel away from their Florida homes. Complete Auto Repair now offers concierge services for customer’s who can not make it in to our shop for regular maintenance for whatever reason. We will come to your location pick up your vehicle and take it back to our shop for any maintenance service you request. Once completed, we will return your car to your location and contact you to confirm the completion of our service and to make note if we see anything out of the ordinary. Our concierge services all come with our 24,000 / 24 month warranty on parts and labor – so you can rest assured that while you are away your car it being taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about our Concierge Repair Services today.